Ball Screw design note

Ball Screw design note:

  1. The diameter of one of the Screw Shaft ends must be less than the Screw Shaft Root diameter, otherwise Ball Nut cannot be installed. 

  2. Ball Nut dimension is without seal at the both ends.

    If the seals are required, Ball Nut dimension should be changed, in that case, please ask us. 

    Some type of Ball Nuts cannot equip with seals, please ask us. 

  3. The Rigidity values shown in the table are theoretical values of Ball Nut Rigidity calculated from the amount of Elastic Displacement under the following conditions.

  4. Backlash type, apply the Axial load equivalent to 30% of the Basic Dynamic Load Rating Ca.

  5. Preload type, apply the Preload equivalent to 5% of the Basic Dynamic Load Rating Ca.

  6. For Axial load or Preload condition other than the above, kindly contact our engineer.

  7. All models are Right-hand Screw. If Left-hand Screw is required, kindly let us know. 

  8. Basic Load Rating and Rigidity for Backlash type and Preload type are described in the same cell.