Ball screw assemblies translate rotational motion to linear motion or vice versa. They are widely used to guide, support, locate and accurately move components and products in a wide range of automation applications, ranging from small laboratory fluid pumps to large overhead gantry systems. Specifying the right ball screw for a given application will ensure machine accuracy, repeatability and life while minimizing the total cost of ownership. This white paper provides an overview of ball screw assemblies and the factors that motion system designers must consider to ensure optimal application performance.

  • Ball Screw for Medical And Health
    Ball Screw for Medical And Health
    VXO optimizes every step in the manufacture of high-performance Ball Screw for medical devices. Engineering work is not complete until you understand how VXO meets your ball screw requirements for optimized medical movement: t...
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  • Packaging And Processing
    Packaging And Processing
    Help make better packaging machinesOften, the ideal design solution is not to find the fastest, strongest, most accurate, or even cheapest option. Instead, the ideal solution is an optimal balance of ...
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  • Food Processing
    Food Processing
    Application. Design. Performance.VXO optimizes every step in the development of durable food processing equipment. Your engineering isn't done until you see how VXO can contribute to optimizing th...
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  • Material Handling
    Material Handling
    Better, Faster, SmarterVXO products and proprietary technologies help you design better, faster, smarter devices. Moving materials quickly, accurately and efficiently is a huge challenge in modern pro...
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  • Aerospace & Defense
    Aerospace & Defense
    Advanced technology and perfect mechanical systemFrom ball screws to electromechanical solutions, VXO offers components through proven solutions. Continues to lead the industry as a manufacturer of hi...
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  • Clean Energy
    Clean Energy
    Clean Energy:The growing awareness of the importance of environmental protection and the need for clean power production has dramatically increased the use of solar, wind, water for power production. ...
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  • Machine Tool
    Machine Tool
    Machine tools for lathes, milling, punching, honing, grinding, gear hobbing and/or other machining equipment use VXO linear motion products for a variety of functions, including: Raw material loading ...
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  • Factory Automation
    Factory Automation
    Factory automation is a market that heavily uses VXO linear motion products. You can find our products from the smallest and simplest machines to the largest and most complex systems imaginable. In sh...
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  • Design Tools
    Design Tools
    Being a linear motion control engineering manufacturer, we provide our customers with world-class customer support by offering a wide variety of online application, selection, and training tools. Together with our direct contact customer support center, we can help you find the linear motion control products that best fits your application needs.
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