Continuing the decades-long tradition of high-quality, innovative and precise linear motion module, VXO linear motion guide rails are available in a variety of sizes and styles with features that can be matched to your exact application requirements. VXO offers a variety of linear slide rails series, each with different sizes, load capacity, precision and more other option. The optimized U-rail not only guides the movement of the slider being driven by the ballscrew, but also can be used as a structural component when assembled into a multi-axis motion system. We mainly have two types of linear modules, single axis robot and GTHA Linear Module.

Types of Linear Module

For linear motion slides rails, When choosing a single axis based on different conditions and restrictions, you may refer to the following selection process: user requirements, demand for precision, configuration motor selection, motor load calculation, and operation analysis.

Linear Motion Module Features

  • Linear motion slide rails integrated drive motor for positioning

  • Linear motion slide rails offer high and medium speed solutions

  • Linear motion slide rails maximum accuracy thanks to precision rails

  • Linear motion slide rails have various motor versions and direct drives

Linear Motion Guide Rail Advantages

  • An integrated system

  • Easy installation and maintenance

  • Compact and lightweight

  • High accuracy

  • High stiffness

  • Complete line of accessories

  • The structure of rail is analyzed by FEA to get the best rigidity and weight. The analysis results are show as the right figures

Linear Motion Module Features

Linear Modules for Automated Production

The company’s linear slide module products are widely used in linear motion units automated production equipment, dispensing, painting, welding, packaging, handling, inkjet, laser, engraving machine, robot, photographic slide, electric slide, scientific research, functional demonstration, etc., Whatever the project is, we minimize your engineering effort and take care of it for you.

Linear Modules for Automated Production
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