High Speed Angular Contact Bearing

VXO has announced that it has developed an angular contact ball bearing using for ball screw, which can be applied to the series of ultra-high speed angular contact bearings for the main spindle of machine tools.

The new bearing meets the increasing demand for higher accuracy, higher speed rotation and design for the environment of bearings for the main spindle of machine tools, thereby helping to improve their productivity and environmental friendliness.

In terms of running accuracy, the demand to reduce repeatable runout and non-repeatable runout in particular is growing stronger. At the same time, there is strong demand for higher speeds and lower heat generation.

Reducing NRRO of the main spindle of machine tools improves the process surface quality, and reduced heat generation helps suppress thermal displacement, thereby improving processing accuracy. In particular, this new product is very beneficial to the surface quality of dies and gears processed by machine tools. In addition, these higher levels of performance improve the overall efficiency of machining.

  • High Speed Angular Contact Bearing
  • High Speed Angular Contact Bearing

Features Of High Speed Angular Contact Bearing

  • Smaller bore diameter

  • Reasonable contact point pressure at the inner ring

  • No need to create a bigger shoulder on the ballscrew shaft

Specification Of High Speed Angular Contact Bearing

Raceway Ring ShapeAngular Contact Ball (Single Row)Inner/Outer Ring MaterialSteelBearing TypeOpen Type
Outer Ring TypeFlatSpecifications, EnvironmentStandard / For high SpeedLoad DirectionRadial
Outer RingWith Outer RingSize StandardsMetric SystemRolling Element MaterialSteel
Holder SymbolNoPrecision Grade SymbolP4ACombination symbolDB
Preload MarkLType symbolS

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