Four-Point Contact Ball Bearings

Four-point contact ball bearings are radial single row angular contact ball bearings with raceways that are designed to support axial loads in both directions. For a given axial load, a limited radial load can also be supported (Load ratio). The bearings are separable, i.e. the outer ring with ball and cage assembly can be mounted separately from the two inner ring halves.

Both inner ring halves of VXO Explorer four-point contact ball bearings have a recessed shoulder. This improves oil flow when the bearing is used in combination with an VXO cylindrical roller bearing (fig. 1). In addition, these recesses can be used to facilitate dismounting.

  • Four-Point Contact Ball Bearings
  • Four-Point Contact Ball Bearings

Features of Four-Point Contact Ball Bearings

  • Accommodates axial loads in both directions

  • Less axial space

  • These bearings take up considerably less axial space than double row bearings.

  • High load carrying capacity

  • A large number of balls are incorporated, giving the bearing its high load carrying capacity.

  • Separable design

  • The split inner ring leads to easier mounting and dismounting of the bearing. 

  • Improved oil flow

  • Limited inner ring deformation when subjected to high clamping forces

Specification of Four-Point Contact Ball Bearings

DimensionsBasic load rating
3200 A-2RS1103014,37.30564.128
3201 A-2RS1123215,99.6965.376
3202 A-2RS1153515,910.7526.528
3302 A-2RS115421914.4968.928
3203 A-2RS1174017,513.7288.448
3303 A-2RS1174722,220.73612.192
E2.3204 A-2Z204720,619.211.52
*3204 A-2RS1204720,619.211.52
E2.3304 A-2Z205222,222.65614.016
*3304 A-2RS1205222,222.65614.016
E2.3205 A-2Z255220,620.73613.728
*3205 A-2RS1255220,620.73613.728
E2.3305 A-2Z256225,430.7219.584
*3305 A-2RS1306225,430.7219.584
E2.3206 A-2Z306223,828.819.584
*3206 A-2RS1306223,827.45619.584
E2.3306 A-2Z307230,239.8426.4
*3306 A-2RS1307230,239.8426.4
E2.3207 A-2Z35722738.426.88
*3207 A-2RS135722738.426.88
E2.3307 A-2Z358034,949.9234.08
*3307 A-2RS1358034,949.9234.08
E2.3208 A-2Z408030,245.632.64
*3208 A-2RS1408030,245.632.64
E2.3308 A-2Z409036,561.4442.24
*3308 A-2RS1409036,561.4442.24
E2.3209 A-2Z458530,248.9637.44
*3209 A-2RS1458530,248.9637.44
E2.3309 A-2Z4510039,77250.88
*3309 A-2RS14510039,77250.88
E2.3310 A-2Z5011044,486.461.44
*3310 A-2RS15011044,486.461.44
E2.3211 A-2Z5510033,357.645.6
*3211 A-2RS15510033,357.645.6
E2.3311 A-2Z5512049,2107.5278.24
*3311 A-2RS15512049,2107.5278.24
E2.3212 A-2Z6011036,570.5656.16
*3212 A-2RS16011036,570.5656.16
E2.3312 A-2Z6013054121.9291.2
*3312 A-2Z6013054121.9291.2
3212 A-2RS16512038,177.37670.56
*3313 A-2Z6514058,7140.16105.6
3214 A-2Z7012539,784.86476.8
*3314 A-2Z7015063,5156.48120
3215 A-2Z7513041,391.77684.48
*3315 A-2Z7516068,3168.96134.4

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