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VXO optimizes every step in the development of durable food processing equipment.


Your engineering isn't done until you see how VXO can contribute to optimizing the motion of food processing equipment. VXO has decades of experience in providing technically superior components that allow application flexibility while increasing production efficiency. We also simplify the sourcing process for components you can trust for longevity, washability, corrosion resistance and performance.

Competing components of VXO:


1) Quality Products - We have the widest selection and are ready to offer standard, modified standard and fully custom solutions.

Linear Bushings, Shaftings and Guides

Linear ball screw and linear motion lead screws

Linear Slides and Systems

Linear and Precision Linear Actuators

true planetary gearbox

Clutches and Brakes

2) Superior Technology - Our products perform as expected in quality and longevity and overdeliver.

Withstands caustic cleaning and harsh use without corrosion by using grade 300 (303, 304, 316) stainless steel, UHMW coating, Armalloy and more options

Provides 120 psi spray rated flush compliance

Food Grade Lifetime Lubrication>

3) Unbiased Design Solutions - Our unparalleled breadth of product lines encourages uncompromising design - we are committed to completely agnostic solutions. We have the robust capability to test your application load and motion profiles to develop the best solution and have over 60 years of experience in optimal, standard, modified standard and fully custom designs.


Zero-setup products for faster time-to-market and greater cost-effectiveness

Electric actuators convert from hydraulic or pneumatic

Online sizing and selection tools

Integrate our expertise into your design process:


When experienced VXO engineers contribute early in the design process, you can optimize machine performance, service life and cost. Leverage our analysis, revision and white paper solutions capabilities. Leverage intelligent standardization to give you more freedom and speed to market. Then sit back and relax knowing the results will be predictably excellent. Here are some keys:


  • We develop

Standard platform, making any design easy to customize.

  • We produce

Zero-setup products that enable our customers to get to market faster and more cost-effectively.

  • We test

Widely used in your equipment to evaluate our products in your application.

Combine these process advancements with our proven, highly engineered components and pre-assembled systems, and you've optimized your food processing machinery project.


We are involved in a wide range of applications:

Batterybag filler
Blendercapsule filler
cooking utensilscup filler
CutterBone remover
dump truckelevator
Form, fill and sealheat exchange
Material Handling/Palletizermeat processing
Pie forming machinepick and place
bagging machinePresses/cutters


1. Bread Robot

Two-axis packaging robots do considerable work in assembling and packaging foods such as baked goods, boxed cereal, boxed dairy products, and minced meat in trays. The system involves picking, placing, arranging and conveying individual items and final packaging. A variety of VXO components help achieve this important food processing function, including ball screws, guides, full linear motion systems, as well as planetary gears and servo motors, all of which meet stringent washdown requirements.

  • Belt Drive Linear Unit

  • Facilitates rapid transfer of in-line material to maximize line output. 

  • Precision Linear Actuator

  • Precisely raise and lower vertical gripper assemblies to grab and release products.

  • Planetary Gearbox and Servo Motor

  • Provides torque amplification and speed reduction for precise positioning of vertical axes on conveyor machines.

  • Linear guide and ball screw nut assembly

  • Accurately locate food and account for variations in product size.


2. Skewer/Assembly

VXO's linear guideway manufacturers offer components and solutions shine in high-throughput multi-axis applications such as assembly lines with skewers. The skewer uses gearboxes and clutches, brakes and resolvers, and rodless actuators for the best combination. The skewer device can be raised and lowered with double guide rails, or can be replaced with a single profile guide rail or two profile guide rails. These also employ clutches and gearboxes to complement the motor units.


These multi-axis food processing applications are tailor-made for VXO's integrated solutions. Consult us early in the design process to take advantage of our testing capabilities and custom solutions as well as our sourcing advantages. The result will be better machines delivered faster.

  • Integrated components


VXO can optimize multi-component, multi-axis applications through design expertise and one-stop shopping. The result is faster time-to-market and superior uptime.


  • Stainless steel gearbox


Every motor in food processing applications is an opportunity for a stainless steel gearbox with IP66/IP67/IP69K protection for long life and excellent performance.


  • Electromechanical advantage


Electromechanical components provide superior controllability and more uniform force than hydraulic or pneumatic motion control systems. The result is minimal tolerance buildup, reducing scrap and spillage.




3. Food Vending Machine

Multiple sizes of actuators, ball screws, gearboxes and a full linear motion system combine to control multiple stages in this application, where refrigerated lunch boxes are placed in the microwave and heated before being delivered to the customer's hatch .

Here, as with food packaging robots, ball screws can replace actuators in many cases, offering more customizability at a reasonable cost.


Linear Actuators and Linear Motion Systems


The lunch box is pushed out of the refrigerator by a linear actuator and placed sideways by a linear motion system, which is driven by a motor and a gearbox.


The actuator pushes the lunch box onto the transport conveyor and opens the hatch for customer use.




4. Food Press

Food press applications can employ a wide range of VXO components and fully engineered solutions. The pressure mechanism can utilize a highly loaded rod actuator with friction breaking and feedback elements. Stops can be raised and lowered with the help of linear actuators, and slicers can employ planetary gearboxes and circular rail linear guides, all of which are resistant to corrosion and corrosive cleaning elements. Underneath, a wrap-spring clutch helps index the motor that drives the conveyor belt.


  • Precision Linear Actuator


Precision linear actuators provide clean, compact, maintenance-free operation compared to hydraulic and pneumatic actuation. Converting to electric drive can speed up assembly and reduce overall costs.




5. DeBonner

These heavy duty positioning machines improve safety by handling the hard work of positioning the carcass for deboning. In this application, circular guide linear guides are used in elevators to introduce the product into overhead monorail crane systems. Horizontal motion is driven by a zero-set linear motion assembly with a stainless steel gearbox. These components must be extremely durable and must withstand high pressure, corrosive washdowns to ensure food safety.


  • Crane system


The monorail crane system is modular, lightweight and easy and fast to install.


  • Linear system


Linear systems and food grade gearboxes are ideal for harsh washdown environments. As an alternative to pre-assembled systems, VXO also offers the widest range of linear guides and components to build custom linear systems.