Anti Backlash Nut

VXO Anti Backlash Nut design has the greatest design flexibility allowing anti-backlash assemblies through 1 inch diameters. Often imitated, this design offers extreme simplicity. Slightly less stiff than the standard lead screw nuts, but still providing zero backlash up to the preload weight in the catalog specifications.  All nuts are made from our internally lubricated Acetal providing excellent lubricity and very low wear.

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  • Anti Backlash Nut
  • Anti Backlash Nut

Specification Of Anti Backlash Nut

Lead ScrewThreadTrapezoidal Thread(DIN103)trapezoidal thread(din103)COM/COT, CHT, CNN, CXM/CXT, HNM, WNT/WNM, DCOT/DCHT/DCYT, ECOT/ECHT/ECYT, FCOT, KCHT, G, H
Metric Thread(DIN13)metric thread(din13)COM/COT, CHT, CNN, CXM/CXT, HNM, WNT/WNM
ACME Thread ANSI/ASME B1.5acme thread ansi asme b1.5COM/COT, CHT, CNN, CXM/CXT, HNM, WNT/WNM
Knuckle Thread(DIN30295)knuckle thread(din30295)COM/COT, CHT, CNN, CXM/CXT, HNM, WNT/WNM
Self-reversing Threadself reversing thread
Gothic Threadgothic threadCOM/COT, CHT, CNN, CXM/CXT, HNM, WNT/WNM

Anti-Backlash NutDCOT/DCHT/DCYTdcot anti backlash nut
ECOT/ECHT/ECYTecot anti backlash nut
FCOTfcot anti backlash nut
KCHTkcht anti backlash nut
Gg anti backlash nut
Hh anti backlash nut

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