VXO optimizes every step in the manufacture of high-performance ball screw for medical devices.


Engineering work is not complete until you understand how VXO ball screw meets your requirements for optimized medical movement: technically superior components and pre-assembled systems that allow application flexibility but increase production efficiency, and a simplified procurement process for components that are Count on longevity, strength and quiet, trouble-free performance.


Let VXO start at the design stage to expand your options and reduce product design cycle. Take advantage of our superior technology and production for better finished products. We have been innovators in ball screw for decades. Today, we optimize medical movement through superior design and production of ball screw, superior technology, and an extensive product line.


Integrate our ball screw production expertise into your design process


When experienced VXO engineers contribute early in the ball screw design process, you can optimize machine performance, service life and cost. Leverage our analysis, revision and white paper solutions capabilities. Leverage intelligent standardization to give you more freedom and speed to market. Then sit back and relax knowing the results will be predictably excellent. Here are some keys:


We develop: Standard platform, making ball screw design easy to customize.

We produce: Zero-setup products that enable our customers to get to market faster and more cost-effectively


We test: Widely used in your equipment to evaluate our ball screw in your application.

Combine these process advancements with our proven, highly engineered ball screw and pre-assembled systems, and you've optimized your medical machinery project.



1. Ball Screw for Diagnosis and Treatment

VXO supplies a large number of ball screw for machines in the field of medical diagnosis and therapy. These applications require smooth, quiet operation ball screw to ensure patient comfort, as well as positioning accuracy, high load capacity and corrosion resistance. All of this speaks to the urgent need for safety and reliability.


A full line of standard, modified standard and fully custom VXO rotary and ball screw components and systems are used in today's advanced diagnostic and therapeutic applications.


 Ball Screw for Scan head


For scan heads, VXO standard ball screw assemblies and modified standard ceiling mount lifting columns work together with a complete whiteboard design solution. We have the ability to design custom mechanisms as well as build and deliver assembled systems.


Ball Screw for Patient table


VXO standard components including profiled ball screw, lead screws, gearboxes and clutch/brake assemblies, as well as custom linear actuators with lifting columns, played an important role in this application.


VXO optimized applications of ball screw


Permanent installation (MRI, CT machine)

nuclear medicine CT

Portable Thermal Imaging

O-arm image diagnosis

Portable devices (such as bedside scanners)

radiation oncology

Portable Ventilator




2. Ball Screw for Patient handling

In a patient lift, the optimized device does not need to focus on itself. VXO makes a huge contribution of ball screw to make quiet, vibration-free, ultra-reliable ambulance gurneys, bed lifts, bathroom lifts and more. Our products enable the device to be easily and precisely adjusted to suit the individual needs of the patient (up/down, side to side, etc.). With superior stainless steel life lube guides and other improvements, the VXO makes it easier for caregivers to lift patients and provides a safer lift for patients.


Ball Screw for Operating table


The VXO ball screw on the vertical axis provide strong lift, compact moment load capacity, smooth motion while accommodating rapid weight changes when the frame is straight.


Ball Screw for Bath chair lift


For simple and safe operation, VXO ball screw electric actuators work ideally here. The ball screw actuator is ultrasonically sealed for easy cleaning of the seat.


Ambulance and crib

Stair Lift, Bed Lift, Bathroom Lift

Patient sofa and table

operating table

dental chair




3. Ball Screw for Personal mobility

Leveraging decades of experience and the latest technology, VXO offers a new ball screw linear actuators developed specifically for mobility and patient handling applications.


These new ball screw actuators are just one of many solutions for this field with unique advantages. They feature an ultrasonically sealed enclosure, easy-to-clean and compact design, zero maintenance, unique control features, and the type of quiet, consistent sound required for personal mobile applications.


Ball Screw for Wheelchair Versatility


One of our main products, the Lifting Column, makes this chair a bed or support for the stander. Many ball screw actuators are used to adjust the seat for maximum comfort and driving conditions (indoor, outdoor, rough terrain).


Ball Screw for Wheelchair adjustment


Ball screw actuators enable this custom electric mechanical parking brake and rail to accomplish a variety of adjustments, including pitch, tilt, head and leg positioning.


VXO optimized mobile app


wheelchair, wheelchair lock

Vehicle lift, vehicle transmission control

Vehicle ramps, vehicle accelerators, vehicle brakes

Ergonomic positioning device



4. Ball Screw for Laboratory Automation-Fluid Pumps

VXO ball screw and circular rail linear guides are integral to the precise distribution of fluids in IV pumps. These systems must provide a completely consistent flow, unaffected by push back unlike belt-driven, ball screw, or rack-and-pinion systems.


Another key to success is our ability to produce prototypes in small batches quickly and efficiently, resulting in faster time-to-market for machines. Other custom capabilities include special materials, special coatings and non-standard loads to provide a "just right" solution.


Ball Screw for Fluid pump

In addition to standard ball screw and guides for fluid pumps, VXO manufactures highly specialized miniature ball screw assemblies for the latest radiation therapy equipment, many examples of which are included.


VXO Ball Screw for Laboratory automation applications

Precision Liquid Dispensing

blood sampling

Infusion Pump

Adhesive Automation

automatic pipetting




5. Ball Screw for Pick and place automation

VXO components such as profile guides, ball screw and brakes contribute to efficient and consistent performance of pick and place test tube robots. These machines must provide precision and accuracy with minimal maintenance. VXO ball scrwe components feature additional protection against corrosion, which is important in fluid handling applications.


Reliability and low/zero maintenance are critical for these applications to minimize downtime and maximize cleaning operations and speed by being able to tune performance to optimal levels. Successful lab automation can reduce end-user costs and speed the delivery of medical products.


Ball Screw for Pick & Place


For pick and place robots, VXO offers a thoughtful combination of standard ball screw components and pre-assembled ball screw systems to achieve the right balance of cost, accuracy, speed and longevity.


Robot workstation

DNA sampling, cell culture

Air displacement


drug testing, drug dispensing

liquid handling