The coefficient of friction on a linear guideway is only 1/50 compared to a traditional slide and they are able to take loads in all directions. With these features, VXO linear guideway manufacturers' linear motion guideways can achieve high precision and greatly enhanced moving accuracy. VXO linear guideway manufacturers offer multiple linear motion guideways series, each featuring different options for sizes, loading capabilities, accuracies, and more. Continuing the decades-long tradition of high-quality, innovative and precise linear motion guideways, VXO linear guideway suppliers' linear guideways are available in a variety of sizes and styles with features that can be matched to your exact linear motion units application requirements. 

Types of Linear Motions Guideways

VXO linear motion guideways allows a type of linear motion that utilizes rolling elements such as balls or rollers. By using re-circulating rolling elements between the rail and the block, the load platform can easily move linearly with high precision along the slide rail. Compared to a traditional slide, the coefficient of friction for a linear motion guideway is only 1/50. With these features, linear motion guideways can greatly enhance moving accuracy, especially, when accompanied with precise ball screws.

How Do You Select Linear Motions Guideways?

When choosing a recirculating linear motion guideways, there are several criteria that need to be specified, including size, preload and accuracy. And although the term “accuracy” is often used in a generic sense, when referring to recirculating ball or roller guides, it designates five characteristics:

How Do You Select Linear Motions Guideways?

Applications Of Linear Guideways

How to choose between the main types of linear technologies, and how to design automation systems that deliver optimal performance using design requirements, rather than cost, as the primary consideration in selecting linear components.


  • Precision Industry & Semiconductor

  • Inspection & Testing & Assembly equipment

  • Optical & Medical high positional equipment

Applications Of Linear Guideways

Linear Motion Guideways In CNC

With more than 15 years of constant technological improvement, the VXO Company not only has a linear guide of 100% quality but also lots of technological devices have to fit the standards. That said, our linear motion guideways are used in CNC router machines, milling as well as lathe machines for their top speed and remarkable precision.

Best Features of our linear motion guideways. Robust Bearing Capacity.

The guide rail can bear both movement and force, plus it comes with remarkable loading capabilities. It’s specifically designed to increase resistance and reduce all possibilities of energetic frequency vibration.

Limited Chances of Wear and Tear. Unlike most traditional guide rails where the guide surface fluid lubrication, the oil film movement cause loss of energy through friction, these devices come with a different rolling contact.

Effectively reduces friction and consumes a small amount of energy

High-Speed Motion to Reduce Driving Power. Because of the small resistance to friction, the power transmission and source mechanism required is massively reduced. This also minimizes the driving torque creating reducing the much-needed power by almost 80%. Most importantly, its work efficiency reduces from 20 to 30 percent.

Linear Guideways Application

Linear motion guideways with four rows per carriage (in X-arrangement and 45° contact angle) can handle forces from all main directions. The X-arrangement of the raceway enables easy preload installation. Moreover, the system is less sensitive for misalignment. Linear guideways of this version are usually used for adjusting and loading equipment as well as traversing units in production machines or for robot applications.

Advantages Of Linear Guideways

  • Smooth and stable operation

  • Compact, lightweight and low price

  • High load capacity due to R-shaped groove

  • Four-point contact to carry load and moment in all directions

  • 440 Series Stainless

  • Extra wide type available

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