Ball Screw Support Bearings

Highly precise angular contact thrust ball bearings for precision ball screws have been designed specifically for each application. Lineup includes both a highly rigid series and high-capacity series for precision angular contact bearings.

  • Ball Screw Support Bearings
  • Ball Screw Support Bearings

How to select the right ball screw support bearing

Selecting the right ball screw support bearing is crucial in achieving optimal performance in various applications, and VXO, a leading manufacturer, offers valuable guidance for this process. The choice should align with the specific demands of the application in terms of rigidity, precision, and load capacity.

Rigidity: Different applications require varying levels of rigidity. High-speed machining or robotics, for example, benefit from angular contact ball screw support bearings, which offer excellent rigidity due to their contact angle. In contrast, fixed-end support bearings provide enhanced rigidity for applications where axial movement needs restriction. VXO offers a range of support bearings to meet specific rigidity requirements.

Precision: Precision is paramount, especially in industries like aerospace and medical equipment. For applications demanding high precision, preloaded ball screw support bearings are ideal. VXO provides preloading options that minimize backlash, ensuring consistent and accurate motion.

Load Capacity: Load capacity varies across applications. Heavy machinery requires support bearings capable of handling substantial loads. VXO's support bearings are designed to cater to varying load capacities, ensuring reliable performance under the specified loads.

VXO further assists customers by providing detailed product specifications, load ratings, and application-specific recommendations. Additionally, their engineering expertise allows for custom solutions when standard offerings do not fully meet the application's demands. By considering rigidity, precision, and load capacity, while consulting VXO's expertise, customers can confidently select the right ball screw support bearings, optimizing the efficiency and reliability of their machinery.

Ball screw support bearing installation

VXO, a leading manufacturer of ball screw support bearings, understands the critical importance of proper installation in maximizing the performance and longevity of these precision components. Ball screw support bearing installation is a meticulous process that requires attention to detail and precision.

Alignment: Ensuring perfect alignment between the ball screw and the support bearing is paramount. VXO provides detailed guidelines and tools to achieve this alignment accurately, reducing the risk of premature wear or misalignment issues.

Lubrication: Proper lubrication is essential to minimize friction and extend the bearing's lifespan. VXO offers recommendations on suitable lubricants and lubrication intervals, ensuring smooth operation.

Torque Specifications: VXO provides torque specifications for securing the bearing to the machine structure. Adhering to these specifications prevents over-tightening or under-tightening, which can lead to bearing damage.

Sealing and Protection: VXO emphasizes the importance of protecting the bearing from contaminants and environmental factors. Proper seals and protective measures are crucial to maintain optimal performance.

Testing and Verification: After installation, VXO recommends comprehensive testing and verification procedures to confirm that the bearing operates within specified tolerances.

By adhering to VXO's installation guidelines, customers can ensure the reliable performance and longevity of their ball screw support bearings, ultimately enhancing the precision and efficiency of their machinery.

Features of Ball Screw Support Bearing Units

  • The highly rigid series ball screw support bearing units for machine tool applications have been designed specifically to provide large axial rigidity and precise rotation with lower starting torque.

  • The highly rigid series ball screw support bearing units are available with a lubricant seal for machine tool applications.

  • The high load capacity series ball screw support bearing units for electric injection molding machines offer enhanced service life through the use of optimally designed ball diameter and contact angle for a higher load rating.

Ball screw support bearing for CNC precision machining

VXO, a renowned manufacturer of ball screw support bearings, plays a pivotal role in CNC precision machining. Ball screw support bearings are integral components in CNC machines, ensuring the smooth and precise movement of the machine's cutting tools and workpieces. VXO's dedication to engineering excellence ensures that their support bearings meet the stringent demands of CNC precision machining.

These bearings provide critical support to the ball screw china, which are at the heart of CNC machines, translating rotary motion into accurate linear motion. VXO's ball screw support bearings offer high load-carrying capacity, exceptional rigidity, and minimal backlash. This combination of features contributes to the superior precision, repeatability, and efficiency required in CNC machining.

VXO's commitment to quality and innovation makes them a trusted partner for industries relying on CNC precision machining. Their ball screw support bearings play a vital role in enhancing the performance and accuracy of CNC machines, ultimately leading to high-quality, precise machined components.

Specification of Ball Screw Support Bearing Units

Grease Quantities
Limiting Speeds(2)
(DB and DF Arrangement)(N)
Axial Rigidity(3)
(DB and DF Arrangement)(N/μm)
Starting Torque(4)
(DB and DF Arrangement)(N·m)
Basic dynamic load rating Ca by number of rows sustaining FALimiting axial load b number of rows sustaining Fa(5)
GreaseOil1 row
2 row
3 row
4 row
5 row
1 row
2 row
3 row
4 row
5 row

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