Advanced technology and perfect mechanical system

From bearing ball screw to electromechanical solutions, VXO offers components through proven solutions. Continues to lead the industry as a manufacturer of high-quality, reliable products for the most demanding applications such as land vehicles and naval systems as well as missiles and precision-guided munitions.


1. Ground Vehicles and Marine Systems

Drive solutions for military land vehicles and naval systems

As combat presents new challenges and demands greater capability and flexibility from aging infrastructure, manufacturers realize that the military needs fast, smart solutions to protect its most important asset - its people. VXO linear motion parts have leveraged years of experience in delivering creative, rugged solutions to the mobile off-highway market and has developed a rapidly deployable solution that can be quickly tailored to the unique needs of the military market. The VXO drive solution is an easy-to-customize option that provides long-term service without maintenance. These solutions can be easily integrated into new and existing vehicles and can be easily customized to meet any unique application needs.

Featured Solutions

  • Armor (Driver)

  • suspension

  • Electric brake

  • seat drive

  • mast system

  • Weapon System (Charge)

  • Automatic hitch (trailer)

  • ambulance conversion

  • cargo handling

  • engine system

  • utility driver

  • Door/Hatch Drive

  • Proven Aerospace and Defense Performance

For over 50 years, as a professional linear motion components supplier, VXO has been providing simple, innovative, and reliable solutions to the aerospace and defense market. By leveraging the commercial success of rugged mobile off-highway solutions, VXO is able to provide fast service and response to all customer needs.


Largest range of linear actuators on the market

In addition to our extensive application and engineering expertise, VXO has the largest and unmatched range of aerospace linear actuators, precision linear actuators, and screw jacks on the market today. As a result, we are able to provide positioning solutions for a large number of unique applications with dynamic loads up to 50 000 N, VXO understands the key needs of the clean energy industry and strives to provide the most cost-effective solutions. Our success is driven by

  • Decades of application and engineering expertise

  • Rugged and reliable products to withstand the harshest environments

  • Extensive standard and modified product range

  • Custom Designs for Unique Applications

  • Over 50 years of design and manufacturing experience in the aerospace and defense market.


2. Missiles and PGMS

Custom and COTS components for the smart weapons market

In the early 1990s, the Air Force and Navy identified the need to develop low-cost, autonomously controlled severe weather kits for bombs. Large inventory (over 80,000) will be configured with guide kits and accessories. This basically turns "free fall" bombs into smart munitions. Under the pilot program of the Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act, the act authorizes relief of various DoD regulatory requirements to achieve lower costs.



VXO ball screw&nut assembly has met or exceeded all technical requirements; they have met or exceeded all operational accuracy requirements. As part of this extremely successful and demanding project, more than 8,000 mechanical components had been delivered by the end of 2009.


Uniquely positioned to meet the low-cost needs of these and other weapon systems to meet design and sustainability goals

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