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Often, the ideal design solution is not to find the fastest, strongest, most accurate, or even cheapest option. Instead, the ideal solution is an optimal balance of performance, longevity and cost. VXO linear motion equipment is best at helping packaging industry machine builders quickly configure the best linear motion solution for each application.


For each job

Providing the right technology Often, the functionality of the same machine can be implemented in different ways. VXO has the broadest range of mechanical motion technology products in the industry. We provide unbiased advice on the best options for each application.


Best shape, fit and function

VXO offers the widest range of standard products. Modified versions of standard products are routine. White paper solutions apply to the entire product portfolio.


Unmatched application expertise

When you choose VXO, you gain access to over 20 years of global application and problem solving experience spanning multiple industries.


More Competitive Packaging Machine

VXO helps optimize machine performance, life and cost early in the design process. Then, during the production life of your machine, you can rest easy knowing that we provide quality components, predictable costs and on-time delivery to keep your business running smoothly. VXO is your trusted name in power transmission and linear motion technology. Call us today to discuss your next application or our 2000+ distribution partners around the world for fast delivery of replacement parts.

1. Pick and Place - Palletizers

Adding value to packaging machines:

Described here are just a few of the many ways in which VXO adds value to packaging machines. For example, the 4-axis pick and place robot can be used for palletizing and loading. VXO linear elements and pre-assembled linear systems can be configured as small and large multi-axis motion solutions.

On the vertical axis, a VXO bearing ball screw driven linear system with VXO round rail linear guides is matched to our gearboxes and de-energized brakes.

The VXO linear guides carry the load and add rigidity to the horizontal axis via an end-supported ball screw drive 

A planetary gearbox is shaft-coupled to a servo motor in this and following applications. A direct drive rotary servo motor powers the base.


2. Label printing/scanning

Simple design, optimized performance:

When VXO is your partner, precision, speed and flexibility are achieved with modest mechanical engineering work. Our wide range of standard motion control components and decades of application experience make your job easy. 

In this example, a three-axis gantry robot consists of 4 pre-assembled linear systems with a combination of linear motion guideways and ball screw assemblies to transport boxes of different sizes along a conveyor belt. A visual recognition system identifies the box so that it can be printed (or scanned) while it remains in motion.

Simple engineering allows VXO to achieve optimum performance.

3. stretch wrap

Unmatched Quality, Low Maintenance:

This stretch wrap application showcases a single axis motion system with unmatched quality, low maintenance and scalable cost. Simple, high-quality machines can be built from standard components, have a long service life and are virtually maintenance-free. Unmatched quality, low maintenance and scalable costs are reflected in single-axis motion systems such as this stretch wrap application. VXO has multiple linear motion technologies capable of accomplishing the same tasks and unbiased support to help achieve the best balance of performance, longevity and total cost.

Speed up the design process and fine-tune your machine with the help of VXO.


4. Carton packing machine

When building your own production line or resale machines, VXO is uniquely positioned to help you get the job done right the first time.

For example, a cartoner application may have special needs that are best met by a combination of standard and custom mechanical components. Modified versions of standard products are routine. Whiteboard design solutions are available for the entire product portfolio.

In this case of a carton packer, the most efficient and cost-effective solution involved a pre-assembled VXO linear system, individual linear guide and ball screw assemblies, clutches and brakes, gearboxes and a slightly modified electric linear A thoughtful combination of actuators.

The optimum shape, fit and function for your machine will not be found in competitors with limited product lines and cheap underlying parts.


5. PET bottle manufacturing

Decades of application experience:

Choose VXO as a partner to work side-by-side with inventors and long-time owners of multiple mechanical motion technologies. Leverage decades of application experience on six continents to help build your next machine.

Here we explain how VXO rodless electric actuators can make more commonly used hydraulic cylinders redundant, providing better control, higher speeds, simpler designs, lower energy consumption and a more environmentally friendly solution.

The two slides are mechanically synchronized to optimize the pick and place workflow, while the rodless electric actuator performs the forming.

Contact VXO to discuss a full range of options to optimize performance and control costs.


6. Filling application

The correct combination of linear motion components:

The right combination of linear motion components allows this filling machine to handle a variety of tasks flexibly with minimal changeovers. Two-axis gantry robots move tools with nozzles that fill each row of the tray. The fully enclosed linear system keeps contaminants out of the mechanism and eliminates the risk of contaminating the filling process.

Work with VXO early in the design process, then enjoy peace of mind throughout your machine's production lifecycle as we provide quality components, predictable costs and on-time delivery to keep your business running smoothly.

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