Miniature Metric Precision Ball Screws are an efficient and cost-effective solution in a small envelope, ideal for use in small spaces. Ball screw assemblies range from 3 to 30mm in diameter with leads from 0.5 to 20mm - all with standard lead accuracies of ±10µm/300mm. For ball screw manufacturers, Miniature Rolled Ball Screws are ideal for laboratory, semiconductor, and medical applications.

Tips Of Using Ball Nut

We VXO provide flanged nut Includes either integrated or optional threaded flange.

Threaded Nut comes without a threaded flange but are capable of having threaded flanges added to the nut. Cylindrical and square Nut Compact, suitable for custom mounting.

Tips Of Using Ball Nut

Features Of Ball Nut

  • are considerably lighter

  • are significantly stronger

  • have greater size range

  • are much narrower and therefore fit in more places

  • are more compact on the rack and in the pack

  • are just as easy to place and, if done well, just as easy to remove (though they are typically hard to remove if weighted in a fall)

  • cost half the price

  • are more durable, thus last longer

  • require less maintenance

  • can be placed passively as a nut, making them more versatile and potentially eliminating weight of other passive pro

  • can be set with a pull and do not “walk” like camming devices can

  • come in 3 sizes smaller than the smallest 00 cam, fitting parallel sided cracks up to 0.5cm smaller

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