Better, Faster, Smarter

VXO products and proprietary technologies help you design better, faster, smarter devices.


Moving materials quickly, accurately and efficiently is a huge challenge in modern production environments. Using the best motion control products can help your customers save time and money, giving you a competitive advantage.


Competing components of VXO:


1) Quality Products - We have the widest selection and are ready to offer standard, modified standard and fully custom solutions. Our Design, Manufacturing and Optimization:

  • Linear and Rodless Actuators

  • Linear guides and bearings (round and square guides)

  • linear motion screw and linear lead screw

  • Linear Slides and Systems

  • true planetary gearbox

  • Wrap spring and friction clutches, spring brakes and resolvers

2) Superior Technology - VXO successfully provides components and solutions for material handling applications to companies in the automotive, aerospace, food, medical and many other industries. All products are manufactured with the same quality and performance, making VXO a leader in domestic sports in China. Peace of mind throughout the production life cycle of your material handling equipment using VXO components.


3) Unbiased Design Solutions - Our unparalleled breadth of product lines encourages uncompromising design - we are committed to completely agnostic solutions. We have the robust capability to test your application load and motion profiles to develop the best solution and have over 60 years of experience in optimal, standard, modified standard and fully custom designs.


  • Zero-setup products for faster time-to-market and greater cost-effectiveness

  • Electric actuators convert from hydraulic or pneumatic

  • Online sizing and selection tools

Integrate our expertise into your design process:

When experienced VXO engineers contribute early in the design process, you can optimize machine performance, service life and cost. Leverage our analysis, revision and white paper solutions capabilities. Leverage intelligent standardization to give you more freedom and speed to market. Then sit back and relax knowing the results will be predictably excellent. Here are some keys:


  • We develop

Standard platform, making any design easy to customize.

  • We produce

Zero-setup products that enable our customers to get to market faster and more cost-effectively.

  • We test

Widely used in your equipment to evaluate our products in your application.

Combine these process advancements with our proven, highly engineered components and pre-assembled systems, and you've optimized your food processing machinery project.


We are involved in a wide range of applications:


AGV truckAutomatic storage equipment
Conveyor systemelevator
Ergonomic Improvementsextraction equipment
feeding equipmentforklift
Lifting aidsrobot
Overhead Crane SystemPatient lifts weights
Palletizerpick and place
Robotsecurity improvements
Warehousing equipmentTransportation Equipment
Airport baggage handling equipment

1. Truck and Mobile Boosters

Trucks and mobile lift aids account for a large percentage of material handling in modern workshops. The applications shown here are just a few examples of the products and solutions that VXO offers. Let us know your specific needs and we can tell you more about our products and services, as well as the many advantages of using VXO as your supplier.

Rodless Actuator

VXO rodless actuators are self-supporting and lightweight, so they are easy to move. Since there is no need for a cover or any load support frame, you will find assembly simple and quick. 

Electromechanical Brakes

Fail-safe Deltaran electromechanical brakes are used as parking brakes.

Electric Linear Actuator

Our heavy-duty linear actuators are rugged enough for the toughest basic jobs and also available in high-precision configurations. Options and accessories such as position feedback, limit switches and controls provide great flexibility.


2. Car Chassis Transportation

Material handling solutions sometimes involve grouping together production units that cannot be placed next to each other. Moving goods, parts or assemblies between these units means covering distances quickly without hindering other processes. Overhead haulage is one way to achieve this, as cargo does not interfere with sidewalks or truck routes, saving valuable floor space for other production equipment.

Adjustable Picking Tool

The use of Linear Actuators, Precision Linear Actuators and Round Rail Ball Bushing® Bearings make this tool adjustable, allowing you to pick and choose different types of chassis in a mixed line.

Long transport system

VXO  linear guideway manufacturers has various systems capable of moving objects at high speed and long distances. In this application, the entire car chassis moves 12 meters in seconds. 

Workspace extension 

Any workspace can be greatly expanded by mounting the robot's base to a combination of linear guides, ball screws, and Micron planetary gears. Robots can also perform work on a moving chassis. 

Lifting device

A telescopic lift is the ideal complement to the system. The telescoping feature allows the system to be installed close to the ceiling, as the lift can extend down and raise the chassis high enough to clear any objects under the haul path.


3. Food container palletizing

The food industry places high demands on material handling equipment. The harsh conditions found in establishments such as dairies, bakeries and breweries mean equipment is often exposed to extreme temperatures, as well as water, moisture, dirt and cleaning agents. In addition, equipment must be fast and accurate to keep pace with high-speed production lines, while also being easy to clean and maintain so as not to contaminate the environment or food. Whatever the specific food handling challenge you face, VXO has the products and expertise to get the job done.

Linear motion system

Few linear unit systems are available in such a variety of sizes and technologies. We create systems specifically designed and manufactured to provide the performance, durability and safety your specific application requires.

Precision Linear Actuators 

Replacing hydraulic and pneumatic solutions with electric precision linear actuators offers higher speed, better accuracy, better controllability, lower noise and lower energy consumption.

Planetary Gearbox 

Specifically designed for the food processing industry with the precision and toughness required for optimum performance. A wide range of gear ratios and frame sizes makes it easy to implement in most types of machines.


4. Vertical Lift Module - Automatic Storage

Moving materials in and out of storage often presents significant logistical challenges. In fact, simply finding the right project at the right time can be the biggest hurdle. An automated storage system, such as the Vertical Lift Module (VLM) shown here, can be a solution. This type of automated storage system has a computer-controlled mechanism for storing and tracking items. The challenge for such a system is to be able to process items quickly while maximizing storage area. VXO has a wide range of standard products that are ideal for this type of application and can design custom solutions as needed.

Shelf picking system

The vertical movement of the rack picker is performed by two lead screws, guided by four linear guide rails. Horizontal movement also uses two lead screws and four contoured rails, configured so that the rack picker can pick up from the front and rear rack stacks.

Shelf Locator

Here, two linear motion systems work parallel to each other, moving the racks in and out of the VLM. Their small size, low maintenance requirements and high resistance to dirt and dust make them ideal for this exposed location


1. Assembly Line Engine Handling

Assembly lines require a steady flow of material to specific assembly points on the production line. An overhead conveyor system is a convenient solution as it takes up no floor space but can still transport material over great distances. Such systems can also be used when positioning assembly tools and equipment is required. The main challenge is that the usually fast pace on assembly lines requires such systems to be light-weight to allow operators to move equipment quickly and accurately and reduce the risk of fatigue and injury.

  • System

For over two decades, the system is a lightweight, maintenance-free, modular crane rail system, available in four sizes with loads of up to 600 kg per rail. Thanks to its modularity and extensive range of attachments, it is possible to build almost any type of conveyor or crane rail system imaginable. You can easily reconfigure your system or move to another location if necessary by simply installing a few common tools.

  • Railroad with Telescopic Crane Rails 

In this system, telescopic crane rails are installed so that it can move the power tool to the hood of the car. When the job is done, it can be pushed back into neutral, allowing the car to pass.

  • Rail conveying system

Almost any type of conveyor system can be easily constructed using rails. Electric trolleys can carry weights up to 600 kg. In addition, the system includes curves, switches and turntables that can transport material from multiple locations to the assembly point.

  • Lifting device

VXO has several units specially designed for lifting operations. In this case, the telescopic lift is suspended in the system. The lift movement is electric, while the X and Y movements can be manual or electric. In this application, the operator uses a custom tool attached to the bottom of the hoist to pick the engine from the conveyor system, rotate it 180 degrees, and position it in the engine bay of the chassis while the car on the conveyor continues to move forward.


2. aircraft wing processing

Few industries place such high demands on handling systems as aircraft manufacturing. Handling very large and heavy objects, the need for extreme precision and unrelenting quality standards makes this a formidable challenge. At VXO, we have the unique experience and products to meet the precise needs of the most demanding material handling applications.

  • Aircraft Wing Handling

In this case, the wings are transported along a line. At the processing and assembly station, oversized and very heavy wings are brought in and tilted 90 degrees. The sheer size and weight of the wings made the job especially challenging.

  • Circular roller bearings

Circular roller bearings have the strength and precision to transport the entire wing along the production line. Unlike most linear bearings, the Round Way is very forgiving. For example, bearings can be transferred from one shaft to another without loss of accuracy, even if they are not perfectly aligned. This makes it possible to build large systems quickly and easily. 

  • Tilt station transport platform 

To get the wings in and out of the tilt station, the wing mounts were brought to the transport platform. The platform utilizes a set of Round Way bearings and enters and exits the tilt station via a ball screw nut assembly that includes a planetary gearbox. This combination allows the wing to be positioned correctly with sufficient precision to be machined. 

  • Tilt station with screw jack

Once the tilt station transport platform is properly positioned in the tilt station, three worm gear jacks tilt the wings and platform 90 degrees. In this position, machining and assembly work can be carried out on the wing. Screw jacks are easy to synchronize, have high precision and efficiency, and have proven to be very robust and reliable.