Factory automation is a market that heavily uses VXO linear motion devices. You can find our linear motion control products from the smallest and simplest machines to the largest and most complex systems imaginable. In short, whenever something needs to be pushed, pulled, lifted, tilted, turned, or moved in a machine, VXO has the right product. Typical areas include:


  • Robots and Manipulators

  • Press, cut and glue

  • print and scan

  • Packaging, Palletizing and Dispensing

  • Welding, Welding and Drilling

  • Automated warehouse

  • Measurement and Supervision

  • Assembly


1. Solar energy

Solar Panel Tracking

Tracking the movement of the sun will increase efficiency and increase the output of a given panel by up to 30%. Accurate, trouble-free positioning of panels is a challenge. The system must be highly robust and able to withstand wind and weather. It must operate reliably and maintenance-free for many years. VXO linear actuators and screw jacks provide affordable custom solutions to these challenges.

Solar tracking requires drive solutions that are rigid and do not drive back in high wind conditions. All VXO actuators and screw jacks can be equipped with a holding brake, eliminating back drive.

Accurate tracking usually requires some form of feedback. Most VXO actuator and screw jack models can be equipped with encoders, resolvers or potentiometers for analog or digital feedback requirements.

All VXO actuators and screw jacks are equipped with adjustable end-of-travel limit switches to protect panels from damage caused by excessive travel in either direction.

Panels require up to 9000 N of force to move in high wind conditions, which both actuators and screw jacks can easily provide.

Various installation options are available.

Actuators and screw jacks require little maintenance, making them ideal for solar panel applications.

As a professional linear motion manufacturer, VXO has a long history of building custom products. Customized solutions can become an integral part of the structure, making assembly quick and easy.


Wind, rain, sun, snow

These elements can put stress on solar panels. VXO actuators and screw jacks are designed to handle these situations with little or no service or maintenance.


Restricted movement

Both actuators and screw jacks can be supplied with built-in adjustable end-of-travel limit switches, making it easy to set motion limits.



VXO actuators and screw jacks provide analog and digital feedback for precise sun tracking.




2. wind energy

Hood lift and parking brake 

Windmills have top hatches that allow maintenance of large components in the turbine house. These hatches are often too heavy to operate manually. The turbine itself also needs to have a parking brake in order to keep the rotor in a service position or when wind conditions call for the mill to stop. In both cases, linear actuators or screw jacks are ideal linear motion solution.


Actuators and screw jacks are clean compared to hydraulic alternatives. They do not require pumps, pipes, valves and plumbing. There is no risk of oil spills or maintenance required.

Positioning is simple and end-of-travel limit switches are readily available.

Easy to install and operate.

Actuators or screw jacks have a variety of mounting options for flexible configuration.

Hood lift 

Heavy-duty access hoods require power to open, even when covered with ice, making actuators or screw jacks ideal.


Rotary Brake 

The rotor braking function can be easily accomplished using an actuator or screw jack. Brakes are used during maintenance and when wind conditions make it necessary to park the rotor.


On sea, desert, or plain

Windmills are usually placed where wind conditions are ideal. Saltwater, ice, sandstorms, high humidity, and extreme temperature changes make the environment less than ideal for most electromechanical components. The actuators and screw jacks are rated up to IP67 and are strong enough to do the job.