Backlash Nut

VXO lead screws is a linear motion component combines the speed, accuracy, efficiency, repeatability, quiet operation, lubrication retention, load capacity, and compactness . Our lead nuts are available in a standard threaded or flanged mounting configuration, and anti-backlash nuts provide the best positional repeatability.

  • Backlash Nut
  • Backlash Nut

Specification Of Backlash Nut

Lead ScrewThreadTrapezoidal Thread(DIN103)trapezoidal thread(din103)COM/COT, CHT, CNN, CXM/CXT, HNM, WNT/WNM, DCOT/DCHT/DCYT, ECOT/ECHT/ECYT, FCOT, KCHT, G, H
Metric Thread(DIN13)metric thread(din13)COM/COT, CHT, CNN, CXM/CXT, HNM, WNT/WNM
ACME Thread ANSI/ASME B1.5acme thread ansi asme b1.5COM/COT, CHT, CNN, CXM/CXT, HNM, WNT/WNM
Knuckle Thread(DIN30295)knuckle thread(din30295)COM/COT, CHT, CNN, CXM/CXT, HNM, WNT/WNM
Self-reversing Threadself reversing thread
Gothic Threadgothic threadCOM/COT, CHT, CNN, CXM/CXT, HNM, WNT/WNM


Standard Nut

standard nut

COM/COTbacklash nut
CHT8mm acme nut block
ender 3 backlash nut
lead screw backlash
CNNscrew backlash     
CXM/CXTzero backlash lead screw
HNMzero backlash nut
WNT/WNMlead screw nut

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