What Are the Applications of Precision Bearings in Some Machine Tools?

First of all, everyone should know that the rotational accuracy and speed of precision bearings are higher than those of ordinary bearings. It is also an important component in mechanical equipment. The more precise the machine tools are, the more they rely on precision bearings. They are usually used in the main spindle, rolling screw and transmission shaft of machine tools. Now we will talk about the application of precision bearings in machine tools.

Application of precision bearings in machine tools

  • The main spindle bearing we ball screw manufacturers offered is an indispensable basic component in machine tools. Its importance affects the speed, rigidity, cutting performance, noise and thermal deformation of machine tools, which will affect the machining accuracy and quality of machine tools.

  • The main function of ball screw bearing is to convert rotational motion into linear motion and torque into axial reciprocating force. It has the characteristics of high precision and reversibility. It is a relatively sensitive transmission element, so high precision bearings with high rigidity, high rotational accuracy and low frictional force are also needed in addition to high precision lead screw.

  • The main function of the general transmission bearing is to continuously transfer power between two shafts with different axes in the machine tool. The requirements and selection of machine tool transmission bearings are the same as those of ordinary mechanical transmission bearings. It only needs to meet the requirements of strength and service life, and the speed does not exceed the specified limit of precision bearings.

Removal and cleaning of precision bearings

Keep your hands dry

When the precision bearings are taken out of the packaging, the operator's hands must be clean and dry, because sweat on the hands can cause the bearings to rust. Gloves can be worn if necessary.

Ensure lubrication effect

The removed precision bearings should be immediately greased and oiled. The greased precision bearings should be installed without contamination immediately after removal, without greasing or oiling. When greasing, grease must be added to the gap between the retainer and the outer ring of the bearing. It is best to add grease to 30% of the cavity for precision bearings and 20% of the cavity for high-speed precision bearings.

Pack it tightly

Precision bearings can only be removed from the original packaging and cleaned before assembly. After taking out several sets of precision bearings sealed with volatile corrosion inhibitors, the packaging should be sealed immediately, because the protective gas of VIC paper can only be maintained in the sealed packaging.

Correct cleaning

Greased precision bearings cannot be cleaned before assembly, while ungreased precision bearings must be cleaned before assembly. After cleaning, they should be air-dried and immediately applied with anti-rust oil or grease to avoid rusting.