What Are the Advantages of Ball Screws?

Ⅰ. Understand the ball screw

The ball screw drive system is a rolling screw drive system with balls as the rolling medium. In the form of transmission, ball screw&nut assembly is divided into two types: converting rotary motion into linear motion; converting linear motion into rotary motion. Ball screw support bearing is available in a wide variety of standardized products for various applications. It is widely used in machine tools. The ball circulation methods include circulating conduit type, circulator type, and end cap type. The preloading methods include positioning preloading, constant pressure preloading, and the appropriate type can be selected according to the application. The screw has a precision ball screw with high-precision grinding (accuracy is divided into 6 grades from CO-C7) and a cold-rolled ball screw bearing formed by high-precision cold rolling (Accuracy is divided into 3 grades from C7-C10).

Ⅱ. The advantages of ball screws

1. Smooth movement: The ball screw drive system is a point-contact rolling movement, with low frictional resistance during work, high sensitivity, no chattering at startup, and no creeping phenomenon at low speed, so it can precisely control the microfeed.

2. High transmission efficiency: The transmission efficiency of the ball screw transmission system is as high as 90% to 98%, which is 2 to 4 times that of the traditional sliding screw system. Motion turns into rotational motion.

3. High precision: The temperature rise of the ball screw drive system is small during the movement, and it can be preloaded to eliminate the axial gap and pre-stretch the screw to compensate for thermal elongation, so the higher positioning accuracy and repeatable positioning accuracy can be obtained.

4. Good synchronization: due to the smooth movement, sensitive response, no blockage and no slip, using several sets of the same ball screw transmission system to simultaneously drive several identical components or devices, a good synchronization effect can be obtained.

5. High durability: The rolling contact parts of the steel balls we ball screw suppliers offered are hardened (HRC58 to 63) and precision ground. The process of the circulation system is purely rolling.

6. High reliability: Compared with other transmission machinery and hydraulic transmission, the failure rate of the ball screw transmission system is very low, and the maintenance of the ball screw is relatively simple, only general lubrication and dust prevention are required. In special occasions, it can work without lubrication.

7. No backlash and high rigidity: The ball screw drive system adopts the Gothic arch groove shape, so that the steel ball and the groove can achieve the best contact for easy operation. If the proper preload is added to eliminate the axial clearance, the balls will have better rigidity, reduce the elastic deformation between the ball screw and the screw, and achieve higher precision.