What are the different types of recirculating ball screws?

Recirculating ball screws are fundamental components in various industries, serving as precise and efficient mechanisms for converting rotary motion into linear motion. VXO, a renowned manufacturer, takes pride in offering a wide array of recirculating ball screws, each tailored to meet the specific needs of diverse applications. In this comprehensive exploration, we will delve into the different types of recirculating ball screws manufactured by VXO, categorized by ball circulation and preloading methods.

Recirculating Ball Screws By Ball Circulation Method

Return-Pipe Type Recirculating Ball Screws

The Return-Pipe Type recirculating ball screw incorporates an external ball recirculation system through a dedicated return pipe. This design facilitates the smooth movement of the ball bearings within the ball nut and ensures consistent recirculation. VXO's Return-Pipe Type ball screws are known for their reliability and suitability in applications demanding precision and efficiency.

Deflector Type Recirculating Ball Screws

Deflector Type ball screws achieve recirculation using deflectors strategically positioned within the assembly. These deflectors guide the ball bearings, allowing them to move seamlessly between the screw and nut. VXO's Deflector Type ball screws are favored for their simplicity and ease of maintenance.

End-Cap Type Recirculating Ball Screws

End-Cap Type ball screws employ specially designed end caps to facilitate ball recirculation. These end caps create a pathway for the ball bearings to circulate smoothly within the system. VXO's End-Cap Type ball screws are known for their robust construction and durability, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications.

Recirculating Ball Screws By Preloading Method

Fixed-Point Preloading Recirculating Ball Screws

Fixed-Point Preloading is a critical aspect of ball screw design, as it affects precision and eliminates backlash. VXO offers several options for fixed-point preloading:

Double-Nut Method  Recirculating Ball Screws

The Double-Nut Method involves using two nuts on a single screw shaft. These nuts are precisely spaced and preloaded against each other. This configuration minimizes backlash and enhances the accuracy of the ball screw, making it ideal for applications requiring high precision, such as CNC machines and optical systems.

Offset Preloading  Recirculating Ball Screws

Offset Preloading is achieved by precisely offsetting the position of the nut on the screw shaft. This method ensures consistent contact between the ball bearings and the screw's raceways, reducing the effects of backlash and enhancing overall accuracy. VXO's Offset Preloading options cater to industries where precision and repeatability are paramount.

Constant-Pressure Preloading  Recirculating Ball Screws

Constant-Pressure Preloading is another method employed to eliminate backlash and enhance the efficiency of recirculating ball screws. In this approach, a constant pressure is applied to the nut, ensuring continuous contact between the ball bearings and the screw's raceways. VXO offers a range of Constant-Pressure Preloading options, allowing customers to select the most suitable solution for their specific applications.

VXO, a leading recirculating ball screw manufacturer, offers a comprehensive range of ball screws designed to meet the diverse needs of industries worldwide. Through various ball circulation and preloading methods, VXO's ball screws provide precision, efficiency, and reliability in applications ranging from CNC machining to aerospace engineering and medical equipment. With a commitment to engineering excellence and quality, VXO continues to be a trusted partner in enhancing the performance of machinery and systems across multiple industries.