What Are the Lubrication Methods of Linear Bearings?

Ⅰ. Understanding of linear bearings

Fast and easy automation selection of linear bearings is available. Linear bearings are widely used as sliding components in precision machinery, textile machinery, food packaging machinery, printing machinery, and other industrial machinery. Due to the contact between the bearing ball and the bearing point, the load capacity is small. The steel ball rotates with extremely low friction resistance, thus achieving high-precision and smooth movement.

Ⅱ. Lubrication methods of linear bearings

During operation, the temperature of linear bearings may increase due to friction. One common method for reducing the temperature during maintenance is lubrication. The following are several lubrication methods for linear bearings.

1. Drip lubrication: This lubrication method is suitable for linear bearing components that require a quantitative supply of lubricating oil. It should be noted that to prevent excessive oil from increasing the temperature of the bearing, the amount of oil dripped is generally controlled to one drop every three to eight seconds.

2. Oil bath lubrication: This is a more common lubrication method that can be used for the lubrication of low- and medium-speed bearings. The specific operation method is to immerse a part of the linear motion lead screws in the oil tank. During the rotation process of the bearing parts, lubricating oil is carried along and then flows to the center slightly lower than the lowest rolling element oil groove surface.

3. Circulating oil lubrication: This lubrication method mainly uses an oil pump to transfer filtered oil to the linear bearing components, and the lubricating oil flowing through the linear bearing is filtered and cooled before being reused. This method can effectively remove some of the heat by circulating oil to achieve cooling, and is more suitable for bearings with high rotational speeds.

4. Spray lubrication: Spray lubrication mainly involves mixing lubricating oil and dry compressed air to form an oil mist, which is then sprayed into the linear bearing. The airflow generated can not only reduce the temperature but also prevent impurities from entering during the process. This lubrication method is generally used for high-speed and high-temperature bearing components.

5. Jet lubrication: Jet lubrication is different from spray lubrication. It mainly uses a high-pressure oil pump to inject high-pressure oil into the linear bearing through a nozzle, and the oil flows into the oil groove from the other end of the bearing. This method is suitable for high-speed linear bearings. Due to the airflow generated by the high-speed rotation of the rolling elements and the cage, we cannot directly deliver lubricating oil to the linear bearing. The jet lubrication method is very suitable for this situation.