What Are the Methods for Preserving and Maintaining the Linear Guideway?

Understanding the linear guideway

The rated load of a linear guideway is higher than that of a linear bearing. It can withstand a certain amount of torque and achieve high-precision linear motion under high-load conditions. Linear guideways can be divided into square ball linear guideways, double-axis roller linear guideways, and single-axis linear guideways. The role of linear guides: The role of linear motion guides is to support and guide the moving parts to perform reciprocating linear motion in a given direction. Linear motion guides can be classified according to their frictional characteristics, such as sliding friction guides, rolling friction guides, elastic friction guides, and fluid friction guides.

Difference between the linear guideway and the linear shaft

Linear guideways and linear shafts are two separate product components. A linear slide rail is an accessory track that transmits motion from a specified point to the next point and performs reciprocating linear motion lead screws. The appearance of a linear shaft is different from that of a linear slide rail, and it runs cylindrically along the straight light axis. In terms of equipment, linear slide rails have higher precision, larger loads, and stronger stability than linear shafts, which are only suitable for initial processing. Linear shafts are used in conjunction with cylindrical shafts for linear bearings.

Storage and maintenance of the linear guideway

For precision guides to work normally and ensure the quality of processed products, daily maintenance of the guides and linear shafts must be taken seriously. To clean the guide, prepare a dry cotton cloth and lubricating oil. First, move the laser head to the right (or left) to find the linear guideway. Wipe it with a dry cotton cloth until it is bright and dust-free, and then add a little lubricating oil. Slowly move the laser head left and right several times to evenly distribute the lubricating oil.

Move the crossbeam to the inside, open the machine's two side covers, and find the guide. Use a dry cotton cloth to wipe the contact area between the two sides of the guide and the roller clean. Then, move the crossbeam and clean the remaining areas normally. Before leaving the factory, the surface of the linear guideway needs to be wiped with anti-rust oil. However, after a period of use, it will still rust severely. Therefore, after using the linear guideway, you need to apply anti-rust oil on its surface again. It should be stored in a warehouse at room temperature and should not be mixed with corrosive objects. It is also not advisable to directly place unused linear guideways on the warehouse floor, as the ground will accelerate the evaporation of anti-rust oil. So, please pay more attention to this when using it.