How to Install the Linear Guideway?

Understanding the linear guideway

Linear guideways are high-precision transmission and navigation components. They are mainly used in mechanical structures that require high accuracy. The movement component and fixed component of the linear guideway do not require any intermediate media, but use rolling steel balls. When installing and using the linear guideway, extreme care must be taken, otherwise unevenness on all sides may occur, leading to a decrease in precision. If the machine needs to replace the guide rails and there is no professional guidance for installation, can amateur workers complete the installation process? What significant problems will arise when installing the linear guideway without professional technical capabilities?

Installing the linear guideway

If the guide rails are damaged, or if you want to improve the machine's precision processing capability, you can replace the linear guideway. The problem is, how to achieve the best installation effect? Actually, after purchasing the linear guideway, as long as you do not dismantle the internal structure, and follow the installation requirements, and then check the smoothness of the surroundings, there should be no problems. However, one thing needs to be emphasized: the cleanliness of the installation surface should be maintained, and there should be no dust present.

After installing the linear guideway, some users may find that after using them for a period of time, the dimensional accuracy of the guide rails begins to decrease. Under normal circumstances, it is a manifestation of a malfunction. Linear guideway products can withstand years of wear and tear, so why can't dimensional accuracy be guaranteed all of a sudden? There must be a problem. According to the experience of installation masters over the years, this should be due to the balance of the linear guideway during installation.

During installation, the general operating procedure is to first screw on the screws on all sides, not too tight or too slow, and tighten them at the same time. It cannot be tightened with a single screw, otherwise, the balance of the linear guideway will be tilted, causing various problems to occur, such as the inability to ensure dimensional accuracy, and there will always be some deviations. To eliminate this situation, the installation must be carried out according to the correct method.

The guideway products use high-carbon steel, which cannot be worn and has high hardness. It cannot be struck with a hard object, and the linear guideway is no exception. If a problem occurs in some parts, you must not directly use a hard object to strike and correct it. You must let a professional handle it. Do not dispose of it casually to avoid causing greater damage and resource waste.