Precautions for the Use of Ball Screws

The history of people using screws for transmission is actually not very long. The traditional screws have always been poorly positioned and easily damaged. It was not until 1898 AD that people first tried to put the steel ball between the nut and the screw to replace the sliding friction with rolling friction to improve its poor positioning and easy damage. In 1940, the ball screw was placed on the steering device of the automobile, which was a great revolution in the application of the ball screw, and gradually replaced the traditional ACME screw. Until recent years, ball screws have been one of the most widely used components in the industry.

Ⅰ. Know the ball screw

Ball screw support bearing units are based on the product technology accumulated over the years. VXO, as one of the top ball screw manufacturers in China, From materials, heat treatment, manufacturing, inspection to shipment, they are managed with a strict quality assurance system, so they have high reliability. There are two commonly used circulation methods for ball screws: outer circulation and inner circulation. The ball is sometimes out of contact with the screw during the circulation process, which is called outer circulation, and the ball is always in contact with the screw is called inner circulation. Each closed loop of the ball is called a row, and the number of leads contained in the closed loop of each ball is called the number of turns. Each nut of the inner circulation ball screw pair has 2, 3, 4, 5 rows, etc., and each row has only one circle; each row of the outer circulation has 1.5 circles, 2.5 circles, and 3.5 circles.

Ⅱ. What are the precautions for the use of ball screws?

1. When installing, be careful not to damage the tooth surface of the ball screw; also, after the general linear motion lead screws are purchased, the nut and the lead screw are all together, so when installing, special care should be taken. Be careful, don't separate the ball nut and the screw, otherwise you will not be able to install it yourself. If you accidentally separate it, don't force it to install it yourself, you can contact a professional.

2. Lubrication: The ball and the screw of the ball screw are metal friction, so lubricating oil or grease should be added between the two, otherwise the service life will be reduced; and the general addition methods include manual refueling and automatic refueling. Manual refueling is Oil filling is carried out by workers on a regular basis; and automatic oil filling requires an automatic oil filling system, which will be discussed in detail later.

3. Dustproof: The ball screw is the same as the rolling bearing. When it is mixed with sundries or water and cutting fluid, the wear will increase, and sometimes it will lead to damage. Therefore, when we design, we must pay attention to the dustproof of the screw.

4. When the partial load phenomenon occurs, it will directly affect the life and noise of the screw, and it is basically accompanied by an unsmooth feel. If the screw is unloaded and the smoothness after ball screw&nut assembly is different, in addition to paying attention to the accuracy of the screw itself, most It is the phenomenon of partial load caused by poor combination accuracy.